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Welcome to Evidence Based Orthodontics​

Orthodontics is an exciting and constantly evolving specialty. Almost every day there are new products and techniques being introduced that promise more effective treatment. We all want to produce the best for our patients, so how do we make the right treatment choices? A key foundation for good clinical practice is to incorporate the best available evidence.

We have developed a one-day intensive course that uses clinical themes introduced in our Elsevier textbook the Handbook of Orthodontics  to discuss the best current available evidence for the management of different orthodontic problems. We will use common clinical scenarios to illustrate how the latest research can help inform treatment choices. We will also highlight where evidence is currently lacking and discuss appropriate management options.

This course is ideal for postgraduate orthodontic students preparing for specialty examinations and practising orthodontists who want to stay up-to-date with the current evidence base. It is also suitable for general dental practitioners who wish to learn more about managing malocclusion and orthodontic therapists who may wish to further their knowledge.

Martyn Cobourne

Andrew DiBiase