Armstrong J, Seehra J, Andiappan M, Jones AG, Papageorgiou SN, Cobourne MT 2020 Palatal rugae morphology is associated with variation in tooth number. Scientific reports 10: 19074

Sample Chapter from the Handbook of Orthodontics: Chapter 14: Evidence Based Orthodontics

Yaqoob O, Dibiase AT, Fleming PS, Cobourne MT (2014) Use of the Clark Twin Block functional appliance with and without an upper labial bow: a randomized controlled trial. Angle Orthod 82: 363-369.

Cobourne MT, Williams A, Harrison M (2014) National clinical guidelines for the extraction of first permanent molars in children. Br Dent J 217: 643-648.

Sample lecture from a recent EBO Course

Martyn Cobourne: ​Interceptive management of palatal displaced maxillary canines


This page provide a number of electronic resources that are available to download. This includes a free sample chapter on Evidence Based Orthodontics from the current version of our textbook, a sample lecture from one of the EBO courses on Interceptive Management of the Palatal Maxillary Canine and a selection of publications, including guidelines for the extraction of first permanent molars and unerupted maxillary incisor teeth.. 

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Cobourne MT, Irving M, Sellar A (2020) Welcome to the new genomics: an introduction to the NHS Genomic Medicine Service for oral healthcare professionals. Br Dent J 229: 682-686.

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